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Beitragvon pit » Do 15. Aug 2013, 13:44

I thank you for reports from the nest. For the storks: I wish a long life and good flight.

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Beitragvon Doris » Mi 21. Aug 2013, 18:08

Your welcome pit.

I looked through the archive and yesterday a stork came to the nest and stayed there overnight.
Maybe a migrating stork who has found a save place to sleep.
I do not believe it is one of our storks.


More pictures here:


Cheral in California
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Beitragvon Cheral in California » Di 27. Aug 2013, 20:09

I'm sorry I have only been able to check in from time to time this year. I want to again thank Doris, Su, Tina and everyone else who has posted photos, videos and information about Vetschau this season. With wishes for a smooth and safe journey for the storks.

Hope to see you all next year.
Best Wishes,
Cheral in Southern California

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